MicroDome™ inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi.

MicroDome™ is intended for use as an antimicrobial cleaning agent in domestic (residential) and commercial (industrial, medical, food processing, and animal housing) settings and on commercial equipment. MicroDome™ forms a strong invisible coating with the surface it is applied to. Without friction and scratching the coating will last for several weeks. In situations where there is friction applied the coating will wear down over time.

  • Robust self-disinfectant technology
  • Bacteriostatic, Fungistatic, Virustatic
  • Fights microbial odours
  • Disinfectant coating works 24×7 and protects your      establishment
  • Non-leaching technology
  • Does not allow for resistance
  • Water based/No VOC
  • Scrub resistance Up to 50 clean cycles
  • Creates permanent coating
  • Compatible on both hard surfaces and soft surfaces

A wide range of porous and nonporous hard surfaces could be easily coated with MicroDome™








Painted Surfaces

How to Use

Follow these steps for a quick start with Micro Dome™

Step 01

Choose an appropriate hard/soft surface

Step 02

Ensure surface is dirt free

Step 03

Spray MicroDome™ from a distance of 15-20 cm on to the desired surface

Step 04

Wait for 10 minutes

Step 05

Wipe the surface with cloth or sponge. For best results smear out droplets

Step 06

Allow coated surface to dry after the application.


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